A cannibal & his son are wandering through the desert
A cannibal and his son are wandering through the desert and have not eaten in days.
They come upon an oasis and decide to camp in the bushes till someone comes. The next morning they awake to see a beautiful woman bathing in the waterfall.
As the father watches the water cascade off her body, he is aware of his son at his side. The boy says " I'm hungry dad, lets eat." The father replies "This specimen is too good too eat." The boy grumbles that they have not eaten for days and he is really hungry. The father says he has a plan. The boy is overjoyed that he will soon eat, so he asks what the plan is... The father says" We sneak up to the edge of the clearing, and when she comes out of the water, we kidnap her, take her home and Eat Your Mother.

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